In this week’s Explorer News, an Oro Valley resident expresses support for Mayor Joe Winfield.

The Vision Thing

I have listened to mayoral candidate Sharp on podcasts, at political gatherings and read his Explorer interview.

This is what I have learned: Mr. Sharp is a bureaucrat who extols past accomplishments and talks about “process” not results. 

Further, he has offered NO vision for Oro Valley’s future, instead he relies on surrogates to downplay the accomplishment of our current council.

When you cut through the spin, and negative campaigning, here are his positions.

• He opposes expanding Naranja Park for our young families.

• He is not a fan of the 202-acre Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve

• He thinks paying off the $27.6M police pension debt and saving millions was unnecessary.

The only thing you can find that candidate Sharp supports is the Town West proposal to build five- and six-story apartment buildings at the Oro Valley Marketplace.

Mayor Joe Winfield rejected Town West’s proposed 75-foot high, 500-unit apartment building adjacent to the Tangerine scenic corridor in February. The applicant has now proposed a new OVMP plan reducing the five- and six-story structures to three story garden apartments, removing 230 units and reducing the proposed hotels from three to two.

Let’s re-elect Mayor Winfield, whose vision for responsible growth what town residents want.

Jack Stinnett, Oro Valley