Joe Winfield’s stellar job in his first term as Oro Valley mayor poses problems for his opponent, Danny Sharp. The contrast in their characters is obvious in both their ads and their demeanors.

Mayor Winfield’s ads highlight how he has improved Oro Valley by attracting new businesses, building parks and improving public safety without increasing taxes.

He refuses money from real estate developers, and adheres to the master plan for responsible development. Danny Sharp has no such scruples.

Sharp’s ads that he will keep Oro Valley safe sound silly. It is safe, thanks in large part to Mayor Winfield’s efforts.

Sharp’s ads that “your” firefighters endorse him mislead. Whose firefighters? Not yours, if you live in Oro Valley.

Sharp falsely attacks and name calls, tactics Winfield would never use. His dignity and decency offer the kind of leadership Oro Valley needs.

Mayor Winfield’s qualifications and honesty deserve our votes. Re-elect him and his team for another term.

John Hoffman

Oro Valley

Source: Arizona Daily Star, July 26, 2022