Many supporters have asked us who is behind Sharp’s negative, untruthful mailers they keep receiving. The short answer is Sharp, who, after losing our debate, has decided to smear me personally and denigrate the accomplishments of our team.

Yesterday we learned that Sharp and Rodman *each* received $19,000 from HSL employees, family members and family trusts that are OUTSIDE of Oro Valley. Erceg received $13,000 and Hurt’s finance paperwork was left incomplete. Numbers guy?

They seek to control our Town by using Sharp and the challengers to return to runaway, out-of-control real-estate development. To change the majority, HSL Properties, a part owner of the OV Marketplace development, needs to replace two council members.

Adding it up, HSL has donated $53,000 so far and The Realtors’ PAC $17,000 in an effort to change our council to one they can control. HSL stands to make millions more if we are voted out and a Sharp majority approves the requested 5 & 6 story apartments at OV Marketplace that was rejected by the current council.

We have pledged to not accept donations from developers. Please vote for us, Mayor Joe Winfield, with Vice-Mayor Melanie Barrett, and Councilmembers Joyce Jones-Ivey & Josh Nicolson.. You decide how Oro Valley grows! Please share this post with your Oro Valley friends and neighbors who have not already voted. Follow my page and continue to be an informed voter. ✅

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